A Workout that

will bring your

pre-baby body back

The three-phase exercise program is realistic and easy to follow. It increases in difficulty only as trainees get in better shape, and every part of the regimen can be done at home with a modest gym. As anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight knows, what you eat is as important as how you workout. That’s why Baby Bulge Be Gone offers a comprehensive 12-week diet plan designed especially for new moms.

Meet The Team

Ramona Braganza

Global Fitness Expert

Baby Bulge Be Gone

Meet Ramona

Recognized as one of the top entertainment-industry personal trainers in the world, Ramona was Jessica Alba’s personal trainer for 12 years prompting her to create her 321 Baby Bulge Be Gone program for Jessica and clients Halle Berry and Ashlee Simpson Ross. Guiding them through their pregnancies she successfully helped them shed the baby weight safely and in record time.

Ramona has spent more than three decades in the fitness industry and has been active since discovering a love for her sport of gymnastics at age 4. As a dancer Ramona cheered for the LA Raiders, honed her strength training skills as she competed in fitness contests, and began a career as a successful personal trainer to the stars working on movie sets around the world.

Ramona is the author of Feel Fit, Look Fantastic in 321 (Collins India 2014) and is the creator and producer of two bestselling DVD’s 321 Baby Budge be Gone and 321 Training Method.

Finally Ramona passionately believes in giving back and has founded an international charity called 321 Empower whose mission is changing girls’ lives from survivors of human trafficking to certified fitness trainers.

Maureen Brice

World Renowned Chef

Baby Bulge Be Gone

Meet Maureen

Chef Maureen Brice grew up in a family that loved to cook, spending hours in the kitchen ,  watching family members prepare culinary masterpieces from scratch.  

There she learned that quality food was an essential ingredient to good living. Her parents, avid travelers, instilled in Maureen, the importance of experiencing diverse cuisines from around the globe. From that a love and admiration for food from around the world took root.

 As an adult, Maureen took her passion for food to French Culinary Institute, where she learned technique  and style to turn her natural culinary talent into world-class cuisine.

 After graduating in 2010, Maureen went on to work as an Executive Chef for a well-known Manhattan restaurant group. It was there that Maureen met many of her future celebrity clients, who managed to convince Maureen to step away from the restaurant world and into their homes across the world.

 Maureen believes in preparing fresh, nutritious meals to assist her clients in maintaining a healthy lifestyle without compromising flavor.

 Maureen has a knack for creating cuisine with global flare, integrating the latest findings from both nutritional and environmental science to create healthy, sustainable, delicious, and fresh meals, which has made her one of the most in-demand Celebrity Chefs in the country.

Deborah Caplan

Sought-after Private Chef

Baby Bulge Be Gone

Meet Deborah

A sought-after private chef for New York City’s most elite clientele she has made several TV appearances on The Food Network’s Chopped, Iron Chef America and Beat Bobby Flay. A two-time Chopped Champion she contributed to two team victories on Iron Chef America, competing as sous chef to Alex Guarneschelli.
Food and nutrition have played a critical role in Deborah’s life and she always delivers with a smile.

Chef Deb recommended tips for new moms:

  • For Breast feeding moms important to drink an 8 oz glass of water before and after meals.
  • Eat a high fibre but easily digestible diet, nutrient dense and anti inflammatory.
  • Include foods that focus on Vitamins B, D, Calcium, Iron and Omega 3s.

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