The Plan

3 Phase

Exercise Plan


The three-phase exercise plan is realistic and easy to follow. It increases in time needed and difficulty only as trainees get in better shape, thereby shifting the 3-2-1 ratio according to their individual progress, and every part of the regimen can be done at home with a modest gym and in minimal time. Ramona’s clear and invigorating plan includes recommended exercises for the five days of the week, a ‘fun’ activity (a hike or a walk) on the 6th day and rest on the 7th day.

3 Phase

Eating Plan


Chef Maureen offers up breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks that not only adhere to the tenets of the diet but offer celebrity tips and tricks such as —combining protein and fiber in every snack to remain satiated, eating brown instead of white and signature 3-2-1 Baby bulge be gone soups, shakes, and teas with the secret ingredient of Moringa, a plant long used in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean for centuries which increases metabolism while being safe enough to use during lactation. The program also includes an on-the-go guide, useful to follow after you complete the 12 week menu plan and are back out in the world and will offer food options for those who are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free, among others.

Phase 1

Tighten the Core

Belly No More

Phase 1 can begin as early as 2 weeks post-partum with a vaginal birth, a C- section requires at least 6 weeks of healing. A restorative 20-minutes a day predominantly Core based program strengthening muscles that have been damaged during childbirth.

The accompanying meal plan is focused on providing nutrient dense foods to speed up the healing process, but will also become mindful of a new mothers desire to begin to lose the weight, achieved with meal replacement shakes strategically placed into the weekly menu, to promote weight loss and increase metabolism.

This phase is recommended for between 2-4 weeks depending on the Participants health history.

Phase 2

Burn Baby Fat Burn!

Sweat to feel good or Sweat to get back into shape

Exercise in this section focuses on Cardiovascular training to increase caloric burn and metabolism. It is here that various fun aerobic activities and drills are included. From Kickboxing, to dance, HIIT training to games such as pebble pickup. With the use of a heart rate monitor calories are burned at a rate of 1000-1500 a session. In addition it is here that the Support person can join in for partner workouts that include heart pumping circuits, taking the workout to 40 minutes a day 4 days a week, it’s possible to burn the needed calories to continue to drop 2 pounds a week.

Food focus becomes weight loss with days of calorie cutting meals, not enough for new mom to feel hungry and enough for new moms to have energy to train. The inclusion of a fun Treat meal not considered Cheat meal to lift spirits is encouraged.

This phase is recommended between 4- 8 weeks depending on the Participants previous health history and time allotment to the program.

Phase 3

Pump it up,

Get your lean body Back!

This final phase on the Baby Bulge Be Gone Plan takes new moms through an hour workout that combines Cardio, Circuit of strength training and Core work, the focus is on muscle building and toning and involves body weight and resistance exercises. New moms experience increase in metabolism with the added muscle that changes body composition from fat to fit. Full body Exercises form the ground work for future training programs and safely transition the new moms onto a lifestyle plan- Ramona’s 321 Training Method for permanent and lasting fitness levels post losing the baby.

It is here that new moms will begin to understand the role foods play when it comes to weight loss. With a focus on protein consumption, less carbs and an occasional bi monthly detox foods become fuel and are absorbed efficiently and a balance is struck in the body.

This phase is recommended between 4-8 weeks depending on the Participants previous health history and time allotment to the program.

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